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This agreement is a commercial agreement of Celebrity Limos of GA INC and is legally binding.

General Conditions Celebrity Limos is not responsible for items left in the vehicle at the time of service. These limousines require special structural engineering. If a breakdown occurs, the customer will be compensated by either making up the time at the end of the charter or reimbursed solely for the actual time the vehicle is inoperable. Celebrity Limos reserves the right to substitute one vehicle for another vehicle providing it is an equal or larger vehicle. All limousines are strictly Non-Smoking. To accommodate, the chauffeur will be happy to pullover in a safe area on chartered service. Celebrity Limos will not be responsible for delays due to traffic conditions, accidents, or weather/hazardous conditions or acts of God.


Liability The customer and the customer’s party are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is not to cause injury to themselves, any third parties, or damage to the hired limousine or party bus, and/or chauffeur.


Deposits and Payments You, the undersigned, understand and agree that all the charges are assessed from Celebrity Limos of GA, Inc. ("Celebrity Limos"). All reservations require a one-half (1/2) deposit of the total amount of the charter at time of booking which is nonrefundable in the event of a cancellation. All deposits are non-refundable. For all bookings established at least two weeks in advance of service, chartered time is eligible to be moved to later date based on vehicle availability. Any downsizing of service, vehicle size, and/or hours, previously reserved, will not relieve customer from the responsibility of paying the full amount of the original scheduled charter. All unpaid deposits and balances are authorized by the credit card holder with either verbal or signed acceptance of this contract. Balance of payment is due forty eight hours prior to date of service. If, for any reason, full payment of remaining balance is not paid deposit is not refunded if client is still interested in service a twenty percent fee will be added to bill. If this agreement is placed in the hand of an attorney and/or collection agency, the undersigned and/or credit card holder agrees to pay all attorney and/or collection fees. There will be no change in time for one hour pick up and drop offs if time changes after job has been booked and hours have been confirmed and set, the client will be charged for the amount of time used, one minute over constitutes one hour of time. Exceptions to be made at owner’s discretion. All jobs are required to have a credit card kept on file to cover overage expense. Once an hourly job is booked if client chooses to add more time for any reason client will be charged on the spot for an additional hour even if they are requesting less than an hour more of time with vehicle. Any exceptions or leniency is once again at the owners discretion. 


Alcohol In compliance with Georgia laws, no one under the age of 21 is allowed to consume Alcoholic Beverages while using our services. Celebrity Limos of GA, INC is not responsible for any minors that do not adhere to Georgia’s established laws regarding alcohol consumption.


Damage Caused to Vehicle In the event of any damage to the limousine/vehicle or party bus caused by the customer or any guest of the customer, in addition to the hourly rate for the limousine/vehicle and chauffeur, there will be a minimum charge of $300.00 for the repair and/or general cleaning of the limousine/vehicle. Decisions as to the unusual use/wear of the vehicle interior and its exterior, rests solely with Celebrity Limos, and its experience as to general habitation of the hired limousine/vehicle, and its decision is final. The customer and/or contract holder is fully responsible for the repair and/1 or replacement of any damage to the vehicle and contents by any member of their party.

Damage Fees:
• Vomit Clean-up: $300.00
• Broken Glasses: $10.00 each
• Smoking: $150.00
• Spilt Beverages: $100.00

Personal Belongings In the event personal belongings are lost, stolen or left in car, Celebrity Limos of GA INC is not responsible for said items.


Unruly Conduct If at any time during the charter the service is terminated due to unruly conduct, damages to the vehicle, abuse of any reason the company deems valid, no refund of money will be made. Celebrity Limos reserves the right to refuse service as it deems appropriate without reason. Signature or Verbal acceptance of the party hiring the vehicle constitutes full and complete agreement and understanding of this contractual agreement. Fully understand the contents of this entire contract and agree to all of the terms and conditions set forth with either Verbal or Signed acceptance. By signing this contract, I fully understand that I am giving up all of my rights to dispute any of the charges made on this contract agreement.


Client Name:____________________________ Date of Transportation:________ Pickup Time: _______________


    Type of Vehicle: _______________________ Drop Off Time: ______________ Cost Per hour: ___________


Tax: ____________ Total Cost with Tax: __________ Total Number of Hours: ___________

Total Cost + Tax and Gratuity ___________

Credit Card Information: Credit Card #: ________________________________________________

Expiration Date: _____________CVV Code: ______Billing Address Zipcode: ________

Customer Printed Name: ________________________________________________

Customer Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: _______________

Contact Person Phone Number: _______________________

Harley Napier II, Owner Celebrity Limos of GA, Inc.

Phone/Text: 706-691-5466


Website: (Last Edited: 11-04-18)

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