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Contract Services

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Transportation Contract Work

Celebrity Limo does more than just limousine transportation. We are a provider of ground transportation services in the Augusta, GA area.  We are uniquely qualified to provide services to your employees for transportation to construction sites or any other group contract needs.  We understand that construction projects require a lot of work, long hours and many hands on deck. That’s why we’re prepared to provide vehicles for however long you need to transport your crew to their worksites.  

What are the benefits to providing your employees bus transportation to construction sites?

  • By providing your workers with a shuttle to the sites, you’re allowing them some rest during travel time so that they can perform at their peak while on the job.

  • It encourages less fuel consumption, which is beneficial for the environment and it is cost-effective.

  • You’re ensuring that your staff is on-time, all the time. You know that your workers are on-site when they need to be and that they’ve been safely and reliably delivered door to door.

  • Contract shuttle service is great for work sites without a lot of space to park. If your workers have to provide their own transportation, it may not be easy to find parking for so many people. By providing one of Celebrity's shuttle ground transportation buses, you know up front exactly what the transportation budget will be for your staff.

  • Celebrity's Shuttle contracts come in all shapes and sizes.  We offer centralized billing so that we can establish one contract with your business for a day, week, month, six-month or year-long transportation (or any other time frame your business requires), and it will be one contact to whom you have easy access if you have any questions or changes during that time.

  • Celebrity Limo Shuttle buses is a local company that works with a range of vendors that specialize in short- and long-distance group travel throughout the areas in Augusta, GA and Columbia, SC. 

Find out how Celebrity Limo Service shuttle vans or mini buses could optimize your employee transportation logistics. 

Call us today to find out about our contract services!

So contact Celebrity Limos today for a free estimate at 706-691-5466.

Our other services include the following limousine rentals:

So make sure you contact Celebrity Limos today at (706) 691-5466 for a free estimate.

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